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Saturday, 17 March 2018


The Broad and the Narrow Way

The Broad and Narrow Way - 1883 English Edition
I have been updating my website along with that some of the pictures - Recently I was able to purchase an original 1883 Chromolithograph print of the Broad and the Narrow Way for a reasonable price. I have been on the look out for years for an original print of this famous picture produced for Gawin Kirkham of the Open-Air Mission. The colours were very good and without too much difficulty was able to digitally restore the image. This is now available for sale in various formats and products at Online store

Were you aware there is a big difference between a Chromolithographic print and modern prints?

Below is an explanation from The Chicago Antiques Guide Blog

"Chromolithography, or color printing from a stone, only reached the market in the 1870's and was all but non-existant by the end of the 1930's. It's heyday was the 1880's and 1890's. Most chromolithography after the early 1900's was used for cigar labels, posters, and some fruit crate labels. I'm sure there were other uses, but those are the printed items that most collectors care about after 1900.

If you are looking at buying an old poster that is supposed to be from the 1930's or earlier, make sure that it is a stone lithograph and not a color separation. Many old posters have been reproduced using more modern color separation techniques." The Chicago Antiques Guide Blog - How to tell a Chromolithograph

To tell the difference, you need a strong magnifying glass or photograph of the image to enlarge. Below are some highly magnified photos - Below is a modern colour separation print of the Broad and the Narrow Way. Which shows a pattern of small dots.

Above is a photo taken from an original Chromolithograph print of the Broad and the Narrow Way picture. (Highly magnified)

The above is from a scan of another Chromolithograph print from the same era called - The Up and Down Lines to show the difference.

I will updating this page with further examples when I find time